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Unishape specializes in the field of CAD-CAM design.
The excellent know-how and innovative prototyping methods that she follows have made her a prominent figure in the difficult and demanding field of 3D technology. The experience of the past combined with continuous technological upgrading have resulted in the company’s response to the requirements of the times, offering solutions and products of excellent quality and precision to the customer.


Graphy TC-85DAC

Instant Aligner Print

Exclusive to Unishape, using the Graphy TC-85DAC Resin in combination with a 3D Printer of your choice, you can print Aligner without the thermoforming process.
Graphy TC-85DAC Resin is a material designed by Graphy and manufactured for 3D Printing Direct Aligner. It is suitable for Dental and Industrial Application.

Ρητίνη Graphy TC-85DAC - Thumb