6 Flask Yihui Burnout Oven

Double control stainless steel  6 flask burnout oven, suitable for jewelry casting.

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Double control stainless steel burnout  oven  with dewaxing function. Suitable for dewaxing and sintering of casting molds in lost wax casting processes such as platinum, gold, K gold, silver and copper.

The chamber is made of high temperature fired ceramics and plate structure, which is resistant to high temperature, good thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance.

The equipment is equipped with molybdenum heating wire, which has long lifetime and strong anti oxidation advantages. The maximum  operating temperature is 1000 degrees and the working temperature is 850 degrees.

Finally, this oven has independent control box, double temperature control PID working system, segmented heating insulation, over temperature protection and is programmable to meet different working requirements.


Technical Specification:

Model: Μ.ΒΟ.ΒΒ006
Power Input: 4 kW
Input Voltage: 220 Volt
Maximum Temperature: 1000ο C
Operating Temperature: 850ο C
Dimensions: 72x90x122 cm
Chamber Dimensions: 32×47.5×40 cm
Weight: 170 Kg.