650 Milling Machine

650 Milling Machine: Born for Implant Milling

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650 Milling Machine: Born for Implant Milling


Five-axis linkage, high-precision processing, large deflection angle of ±40°
Square chuck compatible with round chuck processing
The titanium column base can hold 4 glass ceramics and 5 prefabricated abutment titanium rods
Large-capacity tool magazine, automatic replacement of 36 turning needles
Real-time monitoring function of tool life and tool damage
Professional processing of multi-unit crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers and personalized abutments



Technical Specifications

Name650 Milling Machine
Net Weight920kg
lnput voltageAC 220V
Spindle power3.7kw
Axis quantity5
Milling rangeXYZ:340/160/180mm A:360° B:±40°
Repeated positioning accuracy2μm
Milling modeWet milling
Max speed60,000 rpm
Max feeding speedXYZ: 6000 mm/min
Bur capacity36
Bur changingAutomatic
Spindle coolingWater cooling
MaterialsTitanium, Glass ceramic, Premill abutment, Resin, PEEK Square chuck(140x150mm), Round chuck(98mm)
Milling timeFull crown: 30mins, Abutment: 50mins, Implant bar: 2h