Addin EX-5100 Ceramic Furnace

Addin EX-5100 Ceramic Furnace

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Addin Ceramic Furnace EX-5100

Programmable Schedules

• Fully Programmable & Capable of Creating Custom Cycles for Different Material Needs.

• Available Different Schedules Setting.

Nickel-Chrome Alloy Coil
• 1200°C, Maximum Temperature

Easy to Update
• Software Upgrades through USB Port
• Firing Cycle Upload / Download
• Alternate Control with USB mouse



Technical Specifications

Power110V or 230V, 50/60Hz (Max. 6A)
Size(mm)270 x 380 x 750(H)-25kg
Sintering Schedules900 Schedules
Chamber Size(mm)Ø92 x 66(H)
Max. Temp.(Accuracy)1100℃(±2℃)