AON ZIPRO-D Dental 3D printer

AON ZIPRO-D Dental 3D printer

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AON manufactures and supplies bio-ceramic 3D printers and the materials to customers over global markets who want to transform their current carving, milling, molding production process into 3D-printing production process. The 3D printer is easy to use, and competitive from performance and price perspective. The materials are tested and proved bio-compatible, safe and reliable.

ZIPRO Dental to produce dental restorations in taking circa 2 hours to 3D-print 20EA at maximum at a time

➢ Smaller-sized and lighter ZIPRO-D enhancing mobility and placement
➢ 2 nd generation DLP engine embedded for higher and stable intensity of UV lighting
➢ Round slurry tank to reduce volume of minimal initializing slurry
➢ Convenient one-touch hookup to fix round slurry tank at mount
➢ USB plug-in positioned at front panel for user convenience



Technical Specifications

Size510mm X 540mm X 650mm
Weight53kg / 117lbs
Box Size/Weight560mm x 640mm x 860mm / 73Kg
Ambient Temperature15~35℃ / 59~95°F
AC AdaptorAC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 96~136VA
Printing TechnologyDLP(Digital Light Processing)
Build Size76.8mm X 43.2mm X 65mm
Pixel Resolution40 µm
Pixel Size1920 X 1080
Layer Thickness50 micron meter
Source of Light405nm