Desktop Health Einstein 3D Printer

Introducing the Einstein™ 3D Printer Series
Meet the Einstein printers, brought to you by Desktop Health. Meticulously designed for dental professionals, Einstein hits on all the key features essential to superior 3D printing: accuracy, speed and versatility.

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Παρουσιάζουμε τη σειρά εκτυπωτών 3D Einstein™

Γνωρίστε τους εκτυπωτές Einstein, που σας προσφέρει η Desktop Health. Σχεδιασμένος σχολαστικά για επαγγελματίες οδοντιάτρους, ο Einstein επιτυγχάνει όλα τα βασικά χαρακτηριστικά που είναι απαραίτητα για την ανώτερη τρισδιάστατη εκτύπωση: ακρίβεια, ταχύτητα και ευελιξία.

Μεταμορφώστε τη ροή εργασίας σας από την εφαρμογή έως το τέλος με τους εκτυπωτές Einstein.

Τεχνολογία NanoFit 385

Το μυστικό της σειράς εκτυπωτών Einstein βρίσκεται στο DNA της. Η αποκλειστική τεχνολογία NanoFit 385 διασφαλίζει ότι κάθε εφαρμογή διαθέτει εκπληκτική καθαρότητα, τέλεια εφαρμογή και εντυπωσιακά φυσικό φινίρισμα.

Equipped with Hyperprint™ Technology™

Harnessing the power of heat and a closed-loop process, the Einstein series allows you to fabricate a variety of dental applications, from models to dentures and everything in between, with ease and at up to 50% faster speed than its predecessor.

A Comprehensive System for Intuitive Workflow

1. Personalize

Easily take digital impressions by using one of the 25 compatible leading dental scanners with our full Exocad integration.

2. Prepare

Use design software to enhance those digital impressions or simply use our one click Hyperprint automated workflow to let the software do all the work.

3. 3D Print

Our dental 3D printer uses advanced technology backed
by more than 2 decades of development to deliver speed
and performance.

4. Post Process

Rapidly clean and cure your 3D printed parts so you have stronger dental applications in less time.

Save Time. Turn on Autopilot

Do more with our 1 click design and rapid prototyping software made to maximize output and efficiency.

Fast, Helpful, Digital Design Services

Get connected with top designers to turn your scans into designs that are ready to print.



Technical Specifications

TechnologyDigital Light Processing (DLP)
Build Envelope120 x 107 x 101 mm (7.48 x 4.21 x 4 in.)
Native XY Resolution99 µm
Enhanced XY Resolution (Pixel Τuning)65 µm
Dynamic Layer Thickness (Z Resolution)25-50-75-100-150µm
Electrical Requirements100–250V AC, 5A, 50Hz/60Hz
Footprint40 x 40 x 70 cm (16 x 16 x 27.5 in)
Weight34kg (75lbs)
Included Warranty1 year