Bulunmaz Double Head Faceting Machine

Bulunmaz Double Head Faceting Machine: For rings, bangles, pendants and complex objects

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Bulunmaz Double Head Faceting Machine: For rings, bangles, pendants and complex objects

Bulunmaz Faceting Machine is a simple and low cost mechanical diamond cut machine with horizontal and vertical heads. It has a manual control with high precision movements. It is easy to use and gives choice of thousands models of rings, bangles, earrings pendants, chains and flat objects with different attachments.

  • Diamond cut results similar to the CNC machine, even more choices in special models.
  • Vertical head is our latest development on the machine. You can easily adjust the center of machine, change the position of your tool and get different size of point with vertical head.
  • Ring holder is adjustable, so you can work on any size of the rings and bangles. Using different tools or changing the settings in the machine you can get different designs.
  • We offer different options of propellers at mini or medium size, star cut head and even U-shape are available for different jewelry designs.


Technical Specifications

Weight200 kg
Dimensions85 × 85 × 100 cm
Power220 V 50/60 HZ
Size / Weight75/75/105 cm, 180 KG
ControllerManual / Adjustable
Horizontal Motor2800 rpm 0.37 kW 1.9 A
Vertical Motor2800 rpm 0.37 kW 1.9 A