Envisiontec Vida HD

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The Vida HD is a low cost, open architecture, easy to maintain and user friendly 3D printer. The Vida HD boasts a high resolution projector with custom UV optics and is especially well-suited for dental and jewelry applications.

Once a print job is preprocessed on a computer housing the Perfactory software suite, it is transferred to the machine via Ethernet or USB and can run independently without the need for continuous connection to the preprocessing computer.

The surface quality of the printed models allows for production with no signs of stairstepping. The 50 μm resolution of the Vida HD allows for outstanding surface finish and detail while the generous build size adds efficiency to dental and custom jewelry production.



Technical Specifications

Build Envelope 96 x 54 x 100 mm (3.78 x 2.13 x 3.94 in.)
XY Resolution* 50 µm (0.002 in.)
Dynamic Resolution in Z (material dependent) 25 to 150 µm (0.001 to 0.006 in.)
Light Source Industrial UV LED
Data Handling STL
Warranty 1 year back to factory including parts and labor


  • Compatible with leading dental and jewelry software packages
  • Capable of printing a wide variety of high resolution dental and jewelry production models
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste.
  • Touchscreen and Wi-Fi capability enhances the user interface.
  • Very few moving parts guarantees a strong and reliable production system.
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 39.5 x 35.0 x 82.55 cm (15.55 x 13.75 x 32.5 in.)
  • Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs


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