Evo White

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Our desktop laser is now more powerful and performing, simply UNIQUE. The EVO 60, 100 and 125 series has been redesigned in a single configuration to offer you the best at the best price. Power, Reliability, Control.

In addition to guaranteeing best performance, high productivity and compact size, constant research for new solutions has led to the introduction of additional functions such as:

Main features:

–       User interface with touch-screen display

–       USB pen drive for firmware updates and real time diagnostic

–       Air and water cooling system

–       LED lightning system with dimmer

–       Connection for Argon and compressed air

–       New configuration of source and optics to deliver more firing power

–       New ergonomic armrest

–       New materials for the highest safety standards in the world



Recommended for:

–       Small and medium production


ModelEVO White
Power supplySingle phase ~115-230 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, 16 A
Crystal type7mm Nd:YAG 1064nm
Power impulse and time160J at 25 mS
Peak power7 kW
Mean power75 W
Fequency of repetition25 Hz
LASER spot dimensionFrom 0.3 to 1.5 mm
Access controlsExternal with display TFT 3,5” color touch-screen  with inside chamber joystick
Stereo-microscope45° with 10X and cross hair (Leica)
Weight32 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)52 x 73 x 50 cm
Cooling typeForced air with fan speed control, 1 lt liquid and radiator

Smart Service – USB Data Storage
Storage of all vital machine information. A system which facilities the identification of and solution to eventual problems, and the execution of software upgrade.

Broad access to welding chamber
Spacious, free and comfortable. The ergonomics of the welding chamber have been designed to facilitate welding and to allow a comfortable working position, even when intervening  large objects.

Color Touch-screen Display
It allows comfortable access of data and easies reading of working parameters, in addition to their intuitive management (power, time, frequency of repetitions, dimensions of welding spot, etc)

Microscope “Lynx” (Optional)
The Lynx microscope uses Dynascope™ technology, patented by Vision Engineering, which provides a high resolution stereoscopic view, drastically reducing visual strain so to  improve productivity and precision.