FastForm FF-M140C

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FastForm FF-M140C

Same as imported printing quality
Simple interface, easy to learn and operate
Support max 150um printing process
Anti-high-reflective technology for direct printing of highly reflective materials such as copper
>4 years of verification, built-in camera support remote monitoring and operation monitor production status and complete data anytime and anywhere
Permanent filter element, no need to replace the element. No need to worry about filter deflagration
Upper powder feeding structure, no need powder cushion tank and powder can be added midway



Technical Specifications

Print volumediameter 140mm height 100mm,circular
Spot size50-80um
Powder layer thickness0.02-0.15mm
Dimensional accuracy±0.05mm
Scraper TypeFlexible scraper
Protective gasNitrogen, argon
Laser power500W
Minimum oxygen content0.1%
Substrate fixing methodMagnetic fixation
Power supply typeSingle phase 220V
Galvanometer scanning speed0 ~10m/s
Net Weight1.5KW
Type setting methodFully automatic typesetting and path planning
Number of lasersSingle laser
Cooling methodWater cooling
Powder spreading methodUpper powder feeding
Whether to support continuous print after power failureYes
Whether to support automatic shutdownYes
Filter lifePermanent filter service life not less than 50,000 hours
The maximum amount of powder added at a time2.5L
Printable materialsStainless steel, titanium alloy, mold steel high entropy alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy