FastForm FF-M180D

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FastForm FF-M180D

High Performance and Economical Metal 3D Printer

  • Stable optical system
  • Self developed software, one click automatic typesetting specially customized for dentistry
  • 300 teeth/Shour or 30 denture framework/6hour
  • Both way powder spread make it faster
  • Complete typesetting and data processing in 5 minutes
  • 3-year verification, and an independent and perfect safe production process has been formed
  • Equipped with camera, it supports remote monitoring and operation
  • Strong stability and convenient installation

Included accessories

  • FastLayer slicing software
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Seiving station with seive
  • Vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Sawing machine with fixtures
  • Powder drying oven
  • Nitrogen generator
  • Sintering furnace


Technical Specifications

Building Area180mm Diameter, 100mm height
Baseplate installationMagnetic fixation
Layer Thickness0.02-0.05mm
Spreading methodPowder feeding and two-way powder spreading
Blade typeRubber Blade
Max Powder Load30KG (CoCr)
Printing MaterialsCoCr, TC4, Pure Ti
Laser NumberDual laser, supporting single laser operation
Laser Power1000W (double 500W)
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Beam Diameter50-80µm
Protect GasAr/Nitrogen
Min Oxygen Level0.01%
Energy Consumption3KW
Scanning Speed0-7m/s
Typesetting modeAutomatic typesetting and path planning
Operation modeTouch Screen
Splicing printingYes
Continuous print after power failureYes
Number of teeth discharged300-320 per tooth/ 25 framework
Printing efficiency300 PCS tooth or 25 framework / 6 hours