Flashforge Adventurer 4

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Powerful 3D Printer True Leveling-FREE Wider Compatibilities.
Leveling-FREE, print freely & easily.

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Main features:

  • Multiple extrusion nozzle options: compatible with 0.3/0.4/0.6mm extrusion, maximum temperature 240℃ & 265℃.
  • Quick release nozzle design: patented buckle design, replacement in 3 seconds.
  • Real level FREE platform: unsnap the box to print, no need to level or adjust the platform.
  • Filament detection: automatic detection of filament usage status, avoid wasting filament, ensure printing efficiency.
  • Magnetic flexible construction platform: easy removal of the model within 5 seconds.
  • 4.3-inch touch screen: easy to set up and control 3D printing.
  • Resume printing: resume 3d printing from a power failure.
  • Remote print control via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF.
  • Open shredding software: FlashPrint, Cura, Slic3r.
  • Print in the cloud: freely manage 3d printers and printable files on the cloud platform.
  • Built-in camera: remote monitoring and control of 3D printing in the Flashprint cutting software.
  • HEPA13 air filter: effectively filters out dust and odours, hygienic for indoor use.
  • Energy saving mode: only 1KWH energy consumption during standby at night.
  • One spool of PLA filament (1000g) is included.

Adventurer 4
The easiest and most powerful 3D printer for everyone

Equipped with a true leveling-free platform, higher capacity, better shredding & cloud support, resume printing, Adventurer 4 is one of the easiest and most powerful 3d printers for home, school and office users.

Κύρια Χαρακτηριστικά

Κύρια Σημεία

Quick heating detachable nozzle design

Equipped with a fast heating nozzle (reaches 200℃ in just 60 seconds, the Adventurer 4 allows you to print models with excellent quality in less time.

Adventurer 4 is compatible with 0.3/0.4/0.6mm extruders, maximum temperature 240℃ & 265℃. With an easily removable nozzle design just like the Adventurer 3 series, you can press the buckle to disassemble & replace the nozzle within 3 seconds. It meets various 3D printing requirements while maintaining low maintenance costs.

110℃ Flexible platform

With a platform made from a flat CNC mounting base and an ultra-flat 8.0 mm aluminium plate, the Adventurer 4 ensures excellent print quality and a high success rate. Just bend the platform to download the models in 5 seconds.

220*200*250mm Capacity

Have you ever been annoyed by the build volume of your 3d printer? The Adventurer 4 allows you to print tiny 3d models and large 3d objects with a maximum capacity of 220*200*250mm, more than 2x larger than the Adventurer 3 3d printer.

Support multiple 3D filament materials

With standard extruder 240℃ and high temperature extruder 265℃, Adventurer 4 shows excellent performance in 3d printing ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF and other materials. In addition to Flashforge filament, it is also compatible with third-party filaments, including eSUN, ColorFabb, etc.

User-friendly features

Continue printing from Blackout

Print resume function that allows you to recover from a power failure by simply pressing Yes at the prompt.

Filament spool 1KG

As an advanced version of the Adventurer 3, the Adventurer 4 comes with a standard 1kg spool of filament. No need to use an external arm!

Εφαρμογή του Flashforge Adventurer 4

With features to suit virtually all types of 3D printing requirements, the Adventurer 4 printer can be used in K-12 education, 3D design and printing training, home, prototyping and small-scale production. Here are some prints with Adventurer 4.

FlashPrint software

Online control of multiple devices

Personalised Configuration Settings

Slicer preview

Real-time monitoring



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