Flashforge Focus 6K XL 3D Printer

Realizing the mass customization in dentistry

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Focus 6K XL

Realizing the mass customization in dentistry

Main features

Parallel matrix light source

Industrial-grade 6K monochrome screen

Large-format and high-precision printing

High-precision Z-axis control system

Simple and efficient dental slicing software

Custom material settings

Μεγαλύτερος Όγκος Κατασκευής

The build volume is 276*155*200mm to further meet the needs of mass production.

Ακριβές σύστημα ελέγχου κίνησης άξονα Z

Focus 6K XL utilizes a double linear guide rail and ball screw, which makes the platform run more smoothly during the printing process, and effectively eliminates layer lines.

Τεχνολογία ελεγχόμενης ευφυούς παραγωγής φωτός (CPIP)

The CPIP technology adjusts the light intensity by layered control of the regional light intensity, and then fine-tunes the image with pixel-by-pixel compensation through compensation pictures to achieve uniform light intensity distribution on the projection surface, thus ensuring stable and efficient production of large-scale end-use dental products.In addition, the self-developed sub-pixel compensation algorithm can make the product feature smoother surface quality and more stable printing accuracy.

FlashDental - Επαγγελματικό Ψηφιακό Οδοντιατρικό Λογισμικό

The cutting software FlashDental, which is close to dental application, brings new path and new experience of intelligent, easy to use, efficient and reliable data processing.

Ψηφιακή οδοντιατρική λύση Flashforge

Customization, large-scale, high efficiency, to meet the needs of mass customized production, to help users achieve digital transformation.



Technical Specifications

Print Speed10-30 mm/H
Build Volume276*155*200 mm
Layer Height50-150 μm [Adjustable]
XY Resolution50 μm
Wavelength405 nm
Z-axisIndustrial-grade/Dual Linear Guide Rail + Ball Screw
Projection Screen12.8-inch 6K Monochrome Screen
Build PlateSandblasting + Drilling Platform [Increase adhesion and facilitate drainage]
Vat Capacity2L
ConnectivityUSB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Printer Dimensions415*415*665mm
Touch Screen7-inch Touch Screen