Fussen Dentrix 50 CBCT 3-in-1

Fussen Dentrix 50 CBCT 3-in-1

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Multi-function panoramic image

Multi function CBCT provides variety of panoramic imaging modes, including standard mode, Child Mode,
segment imaging, etc. to satisfy the imaging requirements of different jaw arch shapes and different examination


Artificial Intelligence guides panoramic imaging

Absolute image quality-guaranteed by excellent artifical intelligence technology, precise patient positioning and certainty of the diagnostic outcome allowing dentists to work more intuitively and efficiently.

Multi-function Cephalometric

Multi-function panoramic 5 Modes : PA, LAT, Waltz position, Caldwell position and Metacarpal


Excellent Imaging

High-resolution mode (75 μm), helpfull for making diagnoses in difficult root canals.
Removing metal artifacts, making images more clear and easy to make diagnosis.
Big FOV 15*9, almost fit all requirements for dentists, One-time scan can construct the image for the entire dental-maxillofacial region and TMJ.

Easy-operated Software
Dentrix 50 has powerful algorithm to construct 3D models and panoramic images.
Output with DICOM to fit all third party software.

Implant Surgery Customized Plan

Mandibular Neural Tube checking
Find the relationship between mandibular neural tube and third molar.
Check the distance between mandibular neural tube and implant in case the implant touches the mandibular neural tube.

Simulated Implant
DViewMartirx released a new 3D implant simulation module, it can measure a missing tooth’s width, height and bone density.
Also, it has implant libraries, put the implant characteristics and simulate an implant operation.

Measurement for Bone Density
Providing various situation references before implant surgery.

Implant Center Vision
After the implant is placed, the CT image will automatically unfold around the implant in three directions: horizontal
plane/coronal plane/sagittal plane, and check the surrounding bone density around the implant, which is more in
line with clinical diagnosis habits and helps doctors make accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Planning for Orthodontic Treatment

14 measure method plans
Customized measure method
Easy finding measure point
Easy Operation

Trachea Analysis
Before designing the orthodontic treatment, we can analyse the trachea.
It can help dentists to plan the orthodontic treatment for some special cases like OSAS, OSAHS.

Suitable For Pulp Canal Treatment

15*9 big FOV for both sides in one examination.



Technical Specifications

Anode Voltage60~90 KV
Anode Current4~10 mA
FOV (D*H)15*9cm, 5*5cm
Total Filtration2.5 mmAl
Focal Spot0.5 mm
Voxel Size0.25,0.2,0.1,0.075 mm
Scanning PostureStanding
X ray emission typePulsed
Scanning Time≤15 s
Reconstruction Time≤45 s
Recommend Installation Space1700(L)*1100(W)*2300(H)mm
Gray Scale16 bit