Fussen F200 Image Plate scanner

Fussen F200 Image Plate scanner

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Fussen F200 Image Plate scanner

Simple and convenient operation

  • Four sizes of imaging plates can satisfy various clinical applications
  • Only 0.1mm thickness, Ultrathin design
  • Bending at 270 degrees for more comfortable experience
  • Can be used over 2000 times

Operation method

1. Position the patient and place the phosphor film for shooting

2. Take out the imaging plate

3. Touch the button on top of the device to acquire image

Auto Erace

Automatically erase latent image information on phosphor while image acquisition, convenient for next capturing

Compact Design

The overall unit adopts compact design, is portable and saves space

HD Image Display

Ultra high resolution up to 42 μm, clearly distinguishes enamel, root tip, periodontal ligament, pulp cavity and other fine anatomical structures. Assists doctor to make accurate diagnosis by the high quality clinical images.

Review Image On Mobile Device

Wireless transmission makes it easy to review images whenever and wherever possible

Friendly Operation Interface

Compact and high-efficient operation interface, allowing comfortable operation

HD Images

Up to 42 μm resolution, clearly distinguish root tip, periodontal ligament, trabecular bone and other fine anatomical structures.

Clinical Application

Acquire high quality clinical images, assist doctors to make accurate diagnostis

Data Print and Export Format

Support DICOM printer and general printer including DICOM, DICOMDIR, BPM and JPG

Difference From Traditional Film

Fast imaging, reduce waiting time.

Avoid photographic developing and fixing non chemical storage and avoid environment pollution impact.

Permanent storage of digital images, helpful for comparisons before treatment.

High definition, not affected by exposure conditions and radiography techniques.

14 Gray Scale Imaging

Compared to 12 gray scale, 12288 gray level increased.

More delicate and clear image.



Technical Specifications

Imaging Plate Size0,1,2,3
Theoretical Resolution12Lp/mm
USB InterfaceUSB2.0, USB3.0
Theoretical Gray Scale14bit
Theoretical Pixel Size42μm
Data FormatDICOM3.0
Photophor RecordsAuto
Power Supply100-240V(AC),50/60Hz,1.5A
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10