Induction Melting Machine 1Kg

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Characteristics of Induction Melting Machine MMF 1Kg.:

  • Advanced melting machine of non-ferrous metals, such as: Gold, Silver, Copper etc.
  • Integrated IGBT technology for stable high efficiency and big output power.
  • Different protection systems such as: overvoltage protection, over current protection, heating protection and insufficient water protection.
  • Suitable for 24 hour work under full load.
  • Quick temperature rise with small electricity consumption.


Technical Specifications:

  • Model: MMF 1Kg.
  • Metal Capacity: 1Kg.
  • Suitable Metals: Non Ferrous (Au, Ag, Cu etc.)
  • Power Supply: 220V / 380V ±15%
  • Power Output: 5kW / 10kW
  • Weight: 80Kg.
  • Size: 50x50x95 cm.