Intraoral Scanner Allied Star AS-200Ε

Alliedstar is thrilled to introduce AS 200E, its flagship wireless intraoral scanner featuring meticulous design, all-day battery life, effortless using experience, and vibrant eco-system. It’s the ultimate intraoral scanner for the new and the pro.

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Innovation Takes Flight

Alliedstar is thrilled to introduce AS 200E, its flagship wireless intraoral scanner featuring meticulous design, all-day battery life, effortless using experience, and vibrant eco-system. It’s the ultimate intraoral scanner for the new and the pro.
Innovation Takes Flight
Unrivaled Experience

Calibration Free

AS 200E is calibration-free, eliminating the need for expensive calibration tools and avoiding interrupting your routine. We have achieved this incredible goal by redesigning the whole process and keep the integrity of components throughout the service life.
So it’s ready for precision scanning the moment you take it out of the box, and anytime in the future.

Remote Control

Enjoy a seamless experience and more hygienic workflow from start to finish without having to touching the computer.
You can review a finished model, scale, pan and rotate at any direction, access the menu and more options simply by moving the scanner, thanks to the builtin advanced motion sensor.


Pristine Accuracy


The combination of cutting-edge image sensor and proprietary processing pipeline achieves 20μm accuracy in full arch scanning.


True-tone Color


Highly advanced algorithms capture and recreate true-to-life colors.


Lossless Image Compression



Fast Wireless Transmission



Tip in Two Sizes



Touch-screen Support


Up to 2-Hours Continuous Scanning

Το AS 200E είναι εξαιρετικά ικανό και αποδοτικό. Μια μόνο φόρτιση επιτρέπει έως και 2 ώρες συνεχούς σάρωσης ή το ισοδύναμο 60 τυπικών περιπτώσεων, ώστε να μπορείτε να το χρησιμοποιείτε για ολόκληρη ημέρα χωρίς να χρειάζεται φόρτιση.


Sleep Mode & Instant Wake


Για να συμπληρώσει την εξαιρετικά αποδοτική κατανάλωση ενέργειας και να παρατείνει το χρόνο αναμονής, το AS 200E υιοθετεί αυστηρές στρατηγικές διαχείρισης ενέργειας. Η συσκευή τίθεται σε κατάσταση αναστολής λειτουργίας σε περίπτωση αδράνειας και επανέρχεται αμέσως σε λειτουργία τη στιγμή που τη χρειάζεστε.


Spare Battery


Το AS 200E συνοδεύεται από μπαταρίες. Όταν περάσετε από εκτεταμένες περιπτώσεις και χρειαστεί να αλλάξετε την μπαταρία, απλά αφαιρέστε την εφεδρική μπαταρία από το σταθμό φόρτισης και αντικαταστήστε την.


60 cases in single charge


Wireless charging

Pro Performance


Scan Speed

Freedom in wireless movement doesn’t mean compromise in performance and speed.
AS 200E is the fastest Intraoral Scanner device we’ve designed to date. You can finish a full-arch scan in as low as 20 seconds, even more capable than many flagship wired scanner on the market.


20seconds Full-arch scan


60 seconds Archs and bite


Lossless Image Compression

AS 200E captures images in RAW format, so every detail is preserved in the process.
Lossless compression technology is applied so the data stream is only a fraction of its original size, maintaining highest integrity and flexibility, whilst keeping the experience smooth and lagging-free.



With its robust antenna design, high-speed transmission protocol and proprietary image compression technology, AS 200E delivers ultra-fast and smooth data stream whilst maintaining exceptional data quality.



Expanding Platform


Future-proof Eco-system

The software platform from Alliedstar products set a new standard for the category. With functions including robust scan and edit tools, dashboard view, cloud storage, online review and more. It will truly maximize the potential of your clinical data and sets a new standard of collaboration between workflows.
We are rapidly expanding our collaboration with industry partners. More and more dental clinic, lab, and manufacturer are joining this vibrant community so you can realize the best potential.


Cloud Storage and Online Review

Free storage comes with every Alliedstar product to free you from the limitations of local physical storage. Your online sharing process is simplified thanks to the auto-synchronization function.
You also have the ability to directly share and view 3D models in the browser as part of your Cloud Storage collection. This will greatly expand your capabilities with collaborators and industry partners.

Expanding Platform




Technical Specifications

Product Form: Portable intraoral scanner
Sensor: High-speed CMOS
Splicing Technology: Accur-3D automatic stitching
Scanner Type: Color scanning without power
Scanning Technology: 3D video
Scan Speed:Full arches and occlusion ≦5 minutes
Scanner Accuracy: 25 µm
Tip Dimensions: 18.5mm(H) x 19mm(W)
Depth of Field: 15mm
Anti-fog Technology: Automatic heating
Infection Control: Autoclavable/ cold sterile
Scanner File Output: STL , PLY
Clinical Indication: Restorations,Implant-borne restorations,Orthodontics,etc
Cabel Lengeh: 2m
Digital Connection: Usb 3.0
Scanner Dimensions: 237.33mm(L) x 40.39mm(W) x 56.85mm(H)
Weight: 350g