Maestro 3D – Λογισμικό για Ορθοδοντική Χρήση

Maestro 3D Dental Studio is a software based on a totally proprietary tecnology and is a complete tool for the realization of orthodontic, dental restoration and smile creator jobs. The software is modular and is composed from three main macro mudules: Ortho Studio, Dental Restoration, Smile Creator.

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Easy to use both for the laboratories that for the clinicians, used in combination with Maestro 3D dental scanner, is the complete solution that helps the laboratories and the medical studies to enter in the digital era. Thanks to the union of the orthodontic module, the dental restoration module and the smile creator module in an single software, it is possible to exploit these several combined functionalities within an intuitive and integrated workflow.

Dental Technicians

Thanks to the Maestro 3D system you can digitize your laboratory creating your digital workflow. The system is completely open and integrates and interfaces with existing software and machinery.


Digitize your clinic with Maestro 3D. Speed up the production of your treatments and dental prostheses. Customize your work and make the most of your professionalism.