Mini Casting Machine SVC

The SVC is small and compact in size and fully automatic. It is suitable for low volume foundries and is an ideal choice for small workshops and businesses.

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Αutomatic Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine SVC
The machine is compact and has high working efficiency. It adopts magnetic mixting when heating, and controls the mixing time autonomously.The machine applies the principle of vacuum pressurized gravity casting to work. It has its own electrical system protection function, which can be operated manually and automatically. The body is equipped with an abnormal alarm system, and the temperature difference controlled at ±2℃. It uses vacuum and protective gas when melting to reduce oxidation. The simple and easy-to-understand operation panel allows every people to operate independently.



Technical Specifications

Casting Machine Features SVC Mini:

Model: Z.M.CM.SVC

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Power output: 4 KW

Suitable metal: Gold, silver, copper, Bronze etc.

Melting capacity: 1 KG

Temp. range: 0℃ ~ 1450 ℃ (R Thermocouple)

Max pressure: 0.2 MPa

Protection gas: Argon gas or Nigrogen

Type of cooling: Water cooling

Casting way: Vacuum Pressure casting

Abnormal warning: Self-diagonostic LED display

Environmental Temp.: 5oC – 40oC

Vacuum setting: Match the vacuum pump more than 8L

Water supply: Water chiller more than 2P

Machine dimensionsς: 80*540*480 mm

Net weightς: 95 kilos