AON Zipro Dental 3D Printer

The ZIPRO Dental is a professional dental 3D printer produced by AON Co., Ltd. in South Korea. It uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing technology for zirconia printing with print dimensions of 76.8 x 43.2 x 75 mm.

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ZIPRO Dental is a 3D printer to manufacture the dental restorations.
The material used is ININI-CERA zirconia pulp which was specially developed for 3D printing with DLP technology and is available in the shades A0 and A2. This material can be painted and polished with the usual materials and means available in any zirconia restoration workshop.

Product nameININI-CERA
Material mixZirconia powder + coloring binder
Size(mm)72 x 166
Cage type500g, 1000g
Slurry temperature15~30(±2)C
UsageDental restorations
CertificationsKFDA, ISO 13485, CE

1. ZIPRO aims to produce zirconia dental restorations, such as crowns, primary crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.
2. Dental laboratories can print instantly and accurately without worrying about dust generation.
3. The 7-inch long colour touch screen on the top of the ZIPRO front panel helps the user to operate the ZIPRO-DENTAL.

Key Functions:
1. Automatic Leveling
ZIPRO Dental is designed to automatically and precisely 3D-print the products with using the laser displacement sensors.

2. Adjusting the light intensity.
The ZIPRO Dental is set to emit light in the optimum range of radiation intensity corresponding to the characteristics of the zirconia pulp, INNI-CERA. The manufacturer’s default light intensity setting helps ensure safe operation and longer life of the ZIPRO than other 3D printers and can be manually adjusted to the allowable range.






Product nameZIPRO Dental
Model nameAZP-IV1
Product size (W x D x H)510mm x 570mm x 1,020mm
Case weight and size (W x D x H)6kg / 580mm x 650mm x 1,100mm
Weight including case, accessary76kg
Ambient temperature15 – 35 °C
PowerAC 100-240 V
Power consumption50-60Hz, 95-134 VA
External port2 USB port
Name of slicing softwareZIPROS
Input file typeSTL
Operating systemWindows 7 and above
3D printing methodologyDLP (Digital Light Processing)
Buildup size (W x D x H)76.8mm x 43.2mm x 75mm,
Layer thickness40㎛ for A2 color, 50㎛ for A0 color
Pixel size40㎛
Resolution1,920 x 1,080 pixel
Product NameININI-CERA
Material MixZirconia Powder + Binder Coloring Material
Size(mm)72 x 166
Cage Type500g, 1000g
Slurry Temperature15~30(±2)C
UsageDental Restorations
CertificatesKFDA, ISO 13485, CE