Orotig R-Evo Plus

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Orotig introduces the new Laser welder generation, the REVO Series. It’s equipped with On Board Camera and built-in display. Thanks to the electronic cooling system is possible to work 24/7.

Main features:

–       Special electronic and optic settings to ease welding Gold and Silver

–       Stereomicroscope Leica 10X

–       Big welding chamber to increase the comfort of the operator

–       Coaxial Led lightening system

–       Parameters control through rotary switch and touchscreen display

–       Double water cooling system to endure heavy duty cycles


Available models:

–       REVOs at 150J and frequency of repetition at 20Hz

–       REVO Plus at 170J with double capacitors board to raise the frequency at 30Hz

–       REVO 15000 at 200J with double flash lamp and frequency of repetition at 40Hz


OBC – On Board Camera
Supplementary image viewing-thru system at welding, positioned coaxial to the stereo microscope and to the LASER aperture. It allows  images originated at welding inside the chamber to be viewed on an integrated color monitor, connected to a HD video camera with a dedicated video output.

Digitally Cooling System
The REVOs cooling system has been designed to allow continuous working  up to  24-hour/7-day cycles. Optical parts and electronic components are liquid-cooled by a digitally controlled Water/Water combined system, subsidized by a which allows total heat dissipation, maintaining the temperature inside the machine continuously below 40°C.

Large and Spacious Welding chamber 
Spacious, free and comfortable. The special “tilt” structure of the REVOs welding chamber has been designed to facilitate welding and to allow the introduction of big objects, even large and bulky.The base of the welding chamber can be dropped, and once all open, it is possible to work on large objects.

Smart Service – USB Data Storage
Storage of all vital machine information. A system which facilities the identification of and solution to eventual problems, and the execution of software upgrade.

Welding spot diameter Ø 0.1mm
Thanks to a particularly sophisticated system – the SSCS patented by OROTIG – it’s possible to focus the LASER-beam on very small welding spots, as diminutive as Ø 0.1mm (within certain limits of working parameters).

Doors for Welding Chamber with Edging (Optional)
Thanks to this new closure system, through two metallic doors widely openable at 180°, it is possible to close/seal the welding chamber. Once locked, it will be possible to access to the welding chamber through two handrails, ergonomically positioned for a confortable working position .