Pelusi Logica Furnace

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The electric LOGICA3D OVEN has an important function, it was created to achieve the best results during the specific process of BURNOUT of RESIN PATTERNS. LOGICA 3D is automatic advanced technological machine. The programmer regulates the temperature at different values and time, automatically regulated by the electronic programmer 8 programs at 6 steps. Special thermal steel grid and special collecting thermal steel tank for residues. The most important and exclusive feature is the internal oxygenation of the chamber generated by two nuzzles which automatically placing oxygen. The two nozzles enter oxygen inside the chamber improving the resin elimination. This is very important because the resins are not pourable like traditional waxes . The resins have a different reaction to the heat than the waxex.

Main data:

Hysteresis thermal control
Type k thermocouple grade
Chamber size mm 200x200x200 h mm
Overall size mm 440x370x 550 h mm
Voltage 240 V monophase
Power: 1200 Watt
Weight kg 24