Peopoly Moai Kit

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Introducing the Moai, a new innovation in SLA laser printing.

Moai’s key features:

  • Professional grade UV laser with a 70 microns spot size running at 405 nm (microns) wavelength and a maximum power of 150 mW.
  • Full access to laser setting, including power level, exposure time and galvo (mirror galvanometer) travel speed.
  • Can print objects up to 13 x 13 x 18 cm
  • Moai uses standard gcode for printing via SD flash card. This makes the print process transparent to the user and allows for experimentation.
  • Excellent resin compatibility due to full laser control. The user can use almost any UV resin designed for 405 nm wavelength.
  • Designed for learning and experimentation. We made Moai easy to put together so the user can learn about the inner working of a laser SLA printer and try new resins and algorithms.
  • Upgradable and customizable – designed so that user can easily swap new parts to upgrade or add functionality. There are plenty areas in Moai system designed for user customization.