Phrozen Make

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Phrozen Make is a professional resin 3D printer (DLP) made by Phrozen, a manufacturer based in Taiwan. The Make targets mostly professionals, especially in the dental and architectural industries, but this desktop 3D printer also suits makers and hobbyists.

This resin 3D printer uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing technology. To create objects, an LCD screen cures photo-sensitive resin layer after layer.

Make main features

  • LCD screen: provides an easier user experience.
  • Resin: Phrozen develops its own, proprietary material. However, the Make tolerates all kinds of generic resin, such as Spot-A, Maker Juice or Fun-to-do.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: allows for wireless 3D printing.
  • Reinforced equipment: this professional 3D printer has an aluminium body with an all-in-one design of CNC machine parts, a Teflon tank and an eye-protection cover.
  • Software: Phrozen uses NanoDLP software.