Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit

Post-processing can be a messy and tedious part of 3D printing, especially for large models.

Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit will make your cleaning and curing process faster and easier with a powerfully huge washing station, and a curing station that can dry and cure your models all in one go.

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Make your post-processing more efficient with a huge Washing Station and a Curing Station. Let us show you how in just a few steps!

Dunk 10” Wide Building Plates Straight In

With extra-large build volume, you can clean almost any model, no matter how big! Best used with Sonic Mighty 8K and other 10” building plates.

Clean Delicately With Powerful Vortex

Equipped with a powerful bottom propeller, Phrozen Washing Station effectively cleans your models without causing damage to details

The Dual Fan System Makes Drying Easier Than Ever

Designed with a fan drying mode, you can pop printed models straight into the Phrozen Curing Station to dry and cure them in one go.

No More Soft, Sticky, and Unevenly Cured Models

With 405nm UV lights radiating from the back and under the models, Phrozen Curing Station ensures extra effective curing.



Technical Specifications

Washing Bucket Volume (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)8 L
Product Dimension (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)L27.7 x W20.7 x H46.7 cm
Input (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)24 VDC
Rated Power (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)48 W
Maximum Model Size (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)L21.8 x W12.3 x H23.5 cm
Weight (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)3.5 kg
Timer (Washing Station – Post Printing Cleaner)0 – 30 minutes
Rated Power (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)48 W
Input (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)24 VDC
Product Dimension (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)L35.4 x W30.9 x H36.8 cm
Turntable Size (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)Ø19.6 cm
Maximum Model Size (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)Ø25 x H23.5 cm
Weight (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)3.9 kg
Timer (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)0-2 hours
LED Wavelength (Curing Station – UV Cure Lamp)405 nm