Resin Asiga Supercast X 1kg

Direct investment casting material for jewellery master patterns.
Compatibility: 385nm (UV) and 405nm 3D printers.

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The ultimate jewellery casting resin offering reliable casting results under many different burn-out strategies.

Introducing SuperCAST X, the new benchmark for digital jewellery manufacturing.  SuperCAST X is super in every way – the emerald green resin prints silky-smooth parts quickly with remarkable detail. Most importantly, SuperCAST X burns cleanly and is ideal for gypsum investments using standard burnout cycles.

SuperCAST X – key features

  • Super-beautiful green colour
  • Super-crisp detail definition
  • Super-smooth surfaces
  • Super-fast printing
  • Super-clean burn-out
  • Super-reliable casting results
  • Super-exciting reviews from all of our beta-testers around the world