Unishape S7000 Intraoral Scanner

Unishape S7000 Intraoral Scanner

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S7000 Intraoral Scanner: Enjoy the many benefits of wireless scanning

Wireless makes it so much easier to scan any patient.
Handpiece weight is 325g with battery

S7000 wireless scanner the most helpful assistant
Multiple types of tips makes scanning easily and access to those hard to reach areas

Longlife battery, quick recharge
Includes 4 batteries, securely covering your daily scanner usage
Battery charge gives 45mins of continous scanning time
Battery recharge time is 60 mins for 3 batteries
Keep charged and delivered in a well designed case and charging station

Wireless Status instant display
Informs you intuitively by colored LEDs on the status of
the Wi-Fi connection and battery capacity

Recommend computer specifications
CPU: Intel/i7-12700HX or Above
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX3060 6G or Above
Memory: 32G high-speed or Above
Storage 1T high-speed or Above
Ports USB3.0 or Above



Technical Specifications

Scan Depth0-15mm
File formatSTL,PLY,OBJ
Scanner tip disinfectionAutoclavable with 100 times
Number of batteries4
BatteryLithium battery,3120mAh
Type of Scanner tipsStandard, Side, Pediatric
Battery life45mins continnues scan
Battery charging time60mins
WeightBattery containing 325g, Without battery 250g
Scanner size(L*W*H)248mm*56mm*36mm
Size of scanner tip (Length*width*Height)Standard Tip:93mm*20mm*20mm; Side Tip:93mm*21mm*17mm; Pediatric Tip: 93mm*16mm*15mm