Vericom MazicD TEMP BL 1kg

3D Printing Material for Crowns & Bridges

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MAZIC D Temp is photopolymer acrylate type resin for printing crowns and bridges compatimble with any kinds of UV-light curing 3D printers. Output is easy to surface process and polish. Balance between opacity and translucency of printed crowns and bridges is appropriate to assimilate with surrounding teeth. High strength, high output accuracy, fast printing speed and low water solubility and sorption making it suitable for printing crowns and bridges.

● Natural tooth esthetics, assimilates with surrounding teeth
● High mechanical strength with biocompatibility
● High output accuracy and precision
● Easy for surface process and polishing

● Fabrication of crowns and bridge
● Consumption (Based on 1Kg) :
– Single crown : 0.5g / 2,000ea
– 6 units bridge : 3g / 330ea



Technical Specifications

Brookfield viscosity(25℃) (ISO 2555)1100~1300 cP
Flexural strength (ISO 10477)≥ 50 MPa
Flexural modulus (ISO 10477)≥ 1,500 MPa
Shore hardness (ASTM D2240)D80-90
Water sorption (ISO 10477)<40 ㎍/㎣
Water solubility (ISO 10477)<7.5 ㎍/㎣