Envisiontec E-Tool 2.0 1kg

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Now available in beta, E-Tool 2.0 is filled with Barium Borosilicate Glass, known for its heat and chemical resistance, to deliver injection molds that can withstand high heat and pressure. Combined with EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing technologies, E-Tool 2.0 delivers highly accurate tooling with an exceptionally smooth surface finish.

Now in testing with a German injection molding company, E-Tool 2.0 molds were successfully used for injection molding of Polypropylene (PP; Injection temperature: 370ºF to 400ºF Mold Hold Press Pressure: 22T) and Polyethylene (PE; Equistar 6580. Injection temperature: 325ºF to 365ºF. Mold Hold Press Pressure: 22T).3