Faimont XR 181

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Fully automatic, 5 axes CNC, diamond cutting/milling machine, projected for lapping, faceting and decora­ te rings, bangles and medals of different shapes and dimensions.
XR 181 is easy to manage and workmanships are characterised by an excellent standard of quality.
The work cycle is checked and managed by the machineCNC. Insertion data on computer by standard ISO code.
XR181 can be handle also by CAM for CNC complete of license and installation(not included).
Machine is equipped with Ethernet port for remote assi­stance. Machining spindle is equipped with automatic tool changer for n.20 tools and vertical electronic spindle (40.000 rpm)liquid cooled.
Switching is automatic. Work cycle performed in closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of workman­ ship residues.