Flashforge FC3 UV Curing box

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The resin prints need post-cure to reach better status. Through the post-curing by Flashforge UV curing box FC3, the prints can have the better performance in strength to meet customer’s demand.

  • Fast curing
    The surface of the conventional model can be non-sticky for 5mins in the standard mode at 35℃.
  • Easy operation
    All setting finished by rotate and press knobs.
  • Changeable working modes
    Standard mode: meet Flashforge resins basic curing requirements.
    Strong mode: meet special resins or industrial-grade using requirements.
  • Temperature memory
    The temperature setting is automatically saved during operation, avoiding frequent temperature setting trouble, and optimizing its thermal insulation function.
  • Safety switch on the door
    Enhance the operation safety. In the working status, stop heat and light immediately when door is open; while it continuously work when door is closed again.
  • Completion reminder
    A brief buzz cue, when complete solidification.