Flashforge Waxjet 400 3D εκτυπωτής

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Principle Of Operation

Create An Extremely Efficient Precision Manufacturing Experience

WaxJet 400 adopts mutiJet printing technology for printing smooth surface, high precision casting wax pattern. Large print size, and can be tiled and overlapped to place multiple models, the thickness of each layer is 0.016mm. It’s suitable for jewelry, clocks instruments, crafts, precision casting and aerospace precision investment casting field.


waxjet 400 printing process


waxjet advantages

3D Printing Processing

  • The design costs are reduced while the patterns and complexity are increased due to freedom and flexibility of designers and automatic adding of supporters.
  • The development cost on plate-making and retouching can be saved and the printing results can be perfectly consistent with designers’ style.
  • The printing results are of great quality and the wax models of can be repeated obtained to save the management fees on models.
  • Printing for 7*24 is supported and several printers can be operated simultaneously by one person, which largely reduce the labor costs.
  • The utilization rate of printing filaments is high and their price are stable.
  • The only thing needed to expand capacity is to increase the numbers of printers, which cover a small area and are easy to manage.
  • The centralized administration of model data reduces the costs on data protection.

Traditional Processing

  • The costs in design and training are increased because designers are supposed to design the supporting structure for the models.
  • Repeated plate-making and retouching increase the development cost.
  • Various kinds of rings with different sizes and a large quantity raise the management fees on models.
  • The labor costs are high due to high dependence on skilled craftsmen and high personnel mobility.
  • Self-production costs are increased for capacity expansion raises the requirements for operation sites.
  • The model data is to be sent to an external party for printing and the expense on data protection is high.
waxjet process steps

Printing Mode Case

printed patters

Printing Mode Name:
Printing Mode Size:
Printing Mode Precision:
1200*1200*1600 dpi
Printing Time:
Printing Equipment:

printed teapot

Printing Mode Name:
Printing Mode Size:
Printing Mode Precision:
1200*1200*1600 dpi
Printing Time:
Printing Equipment:

WAXJET400 Video

WAXJET400 Parameters

Product Specification

Molding Method MJP

Molding Size 289*218*150mm

Printing Mode
XHD:1200*1200*1600 dpi

Dimensional Accuracy ±0.04mm / 20mm

Power Supply AC220-240V,50Hz,4KW

Device Size 1352*775*1600mm

N.W. 480kg

G.W. 630kg

Package Size 1530*900*1837mm

Software Communication

Slicing Software WaxJetPrint

Data Support Format .stl / .slc

Email Notify Applicable

Disk Capacity 500G

Network Connection Network 10/100/1000 ethernet / USB

Guest Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64bit)

Operating Environment 18-28℃,30-70% of humidity

Material Specification

Part Material FFWJ1100 N.W.:3.0 kg/bottle (2 material bins/ each device, auto reloading)

Supporting Material FFMS3100 N.W.:3.6 kg/bottle ((2 material bins/ each device, auto reloading)

Composition100%waxWax support material
Melting Point68°C55°C
Softening PointSH/T 0588-199463°CNA
Volumetric Shrinkage from 40°C to RT1.10%NA
Linear Shrinkage from 40°C to RTGB/T 4985-20100.70%NA
Needle Penetration HardnessGB/T 4985-20109NA
Ash ContentGB/T 14235.3-1993≥ 0.01%NA
DescriptionHigh resolution,
durable casting wax
Hands-free dissolvable wax